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Lalibela branch in Maybachufer - A journey to Ethiopia in the heart of Berlin

Welcome to Lalibela at Maybachufer

Our special kind of Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin! We invite you to a culinary journey to Ethiopia and would like to introduce you to the beauty and diversity of Ethiopian culture.
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what can I expect?

In our restaurant you can expect fresh and traditional Ethiopian dishes prepared with great care. Our menu offers a wide selection of delicious meat and vegetable dishes, which develop their unique flavors through the use of fresh, unprocessed ingredients and a variety of spices. For our vegetarian guests we also have a variety of delicious dishes on offer.

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Food and ambiance

Our Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin is characterized not only by its excellent food and drinks, but also by an authentic atmosphere and warm hospitality. We place great emphasis on offering our guests an unforgettable experience and giving them an insight into Ethiopian culture.

why Lalibela on Maybachufer?

Whether you choose the popular vegetarian dish Mesir Wat with chickpeas and spices or the delicious chicken dish Doro Wat in a savory tomato sauce, our dishes are always served with freshly prepared injera flatbread that perfectly complements the taste of our dishes.

In addition to our restaurant business, we also offer a convenient delivery service so you can easily enjoy our delicious Ethiopian specialties at home.

Visit us at Maybachufer and let yourself be enchanted by the cultural diversity on your plate. We look forward to welcoming you to our Lalibela restaurant and providing you with an unforgettable culinary experience.